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Professor Exnevia Gomo
Traditional Medicine Laboratory
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South African Research Chair in Indigenous Health Care Systems


The South African Government recognizes the important role of traditional medicine (TM) in improving access to health care for the nation. The recognition has been demonstrated through the establishment of a legislative and policy framework aimed at promoting and regulating traditional medicine. However TM still remains generally marginalised and implementing the policies is challenged by the limited documentation of TM and its knowledge and the inherent challenges of protection of intellectual property. This has delayed full integration of traditional medicine into the national health care system. Integration requires concerted effort to generate relevant evidence for (1) development and implementation of national TM policies and integrative programmes; (2) promoting the safety, efficacy and quality of TM; (3) expanding the knowledge base, and providing guidance on regulatory and quality assurance standards.; (4) increasing the availability and affordability of TM, with an emphasis on access for poor and hard to reach populations; and (5) promoting rational use of appropriate TM by practitioners and consumers. 

As part of the national efforts by the Department of Science and Technology and national Research Foundation (DST/NRF) to strengthen Indigenous Knowledge Systems and related research, UKZN was awarded the NRF SARCHI for Indigenous Health care Systems in 2007 (Phase 1) and 2015 (Phase 2). The grant is for five years (2016 – 2020). The SARCHI is domiciled in the School of Nursing and Public Health, College of Health Sciences, Howard College Campus, Durban.

 Local Plants, Global Cures

Using today's technology to study traditional healing methods is a common approach to green medicine—one that is also used by Nonhlanhla Dlamini,  a PhD student in our Department.








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