About Us

    Vision and Mission VISION To restore the dignity of African Traditional Medicine through excellence in research

MISSION To become a centre of excellence and choice for Traditional Health Practitioners (THP), Indigenous Knowledge Holders and Scientists for health systems, preclinical and clinical research of African Traditional Medicine.


  • Improving Engagement and Trust between THP and Researchers through: (1) research on factors influencing engagement commissioned within the first year, (2) establishment of engagement programme; (3) assisting THP with training and documentation.
  • Evaluation of Safety, Efficacy and Quality of Traditional Medicines: (1) gathering ethnomedical evidence on safety and efficacy in real-time practice; (2) Pre-Clinical Studies to establish biological activity and safety in vitro and in-vivo; (3) Clinical Trials and phytochemical studies; and (4) Quality Assurance
  • Strengthening Infrastructure and Human Resource Capacity for Traditional Medicine Research: (1) improving laboratory infrastructure, equipment and methods to support preclinical and clinical evaluation of traditional medicines; (2) Postgraduate training – Postdoc, PhD, Masters; and (3) Undergraduate research training – support for undergraduate research projects in traditional medicine.
  • Mainstreaming Traditional Medicine into Undergraduate Curriculum for health professions training


The SARChI programme will be underpinned by transdisciplinary research that bridges health social science and health systems research, biomedical and clinical research.