About Us

Vision and Mission


To restore the dignity of African Traditional Medicine through excellence in teaching, research, and stakeholder engagement.


TTo become a recognized discipline and centre of excellence, and a priority choice for Traditional Health Practitioners (THP), Indigenous Knowledge Holders, researchers, and students for health systems, preclinical and clinical research of African Traditional Medicine.


In conducting our work on African traditional medicine, we believe that the inclusion of Traditional Health Practitioners and community is of paramount importance.  They are indigenous knowledge holders and keepers.  For this reason, our research approach is multidisciplinary if not cross disciplinary.

Our approach is an advocacy, participatory and emancipatory

We feel that an advocacy, participatory and emancipatory approach to our work will respond better to the needs or situation of traditional health practitioners who have been marginalised and vulnerable to scientists and those with resources. We intend to make a difference and positive change in their lives and consumers of traditional medicine.  Thus, it is important that we involve them in our work, preferably at all stages, to avoid further marginalising them.

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