The research focus is Health Systems Research, preclinical and clinical research. The students are developing proposals in these focus areas. The students and their research topics are shown in the table below. One of the postdoc fellows will anchor the Health Systems and the other the Preclinical and Clinical reseach and asssist with supervision and mentorship. The projections are that the students will start implementng their projects by Septmebr 2016. The PhDs are for three years and Masters two years. The research programme will be butressed with a strong research training component that will include a portfolio of logically sequenced short courses including proposal development, research methodology, research ethics, critical appraisal, project management, data management, statistical analysis and scientific writing among others. A mentorship programme will be established through peer mentoring and linkages with senior researchers within and outside UKZN. Specialised research and laboratory training needs will be identified and supported. Scientific quality will be pormoted through structured supervision, and expert review of scientific output. Scientific citizenship will be encouraged through facilitation of engagement of the students with the scientific community, the public, policy makers and through training in leadership and grantsmanship.