Our Partners

Delivering on the vision of the SARCHI will require extensive collaborations. The SARCHI is establishing collaborations with relevant researchers and research units within UKZN, other local universities, Traditional Health Practitioners, Department of Health, and Regulatory Agencies. Collaboration with regional and international universities and research institutions is a key area of focus to enhance research quality through technologcial advancement, supervision and mentorship and student exchange. Collaborative needs:

  • Expertise in methodologies for evaluation of safety, efficacy and quality of traditional medicines
  • Expetise in methodolologies of health systems research with particular emphasisis on traditional medicine
  • Access to and support with advanced laboratory techniques including molecular and immunological techniques
  • Opportunities for exchange of students to enhance exposure and mentorship


In return UKZN and South Africa as a whole offers an excellent research platform for traditional medicine with:

  • Faculty and students interested in traditional medicine research
  • Strong research infrastructure
  • Supportive institutional management and research policies, THP community and government
  • Rich diversity of Indigenous Health Care Practices and traditional medicines.